Your orders will be shipped within 5 days of receipt via Colissimo (France), Chrono Express (Spain) and either these or other operators for other countries, depending on available stocks.

For all matters relating to deliveries, you can contact:
On the day the goods are shipped you will receive an email giving the reference details so you can track your package. In the case of Colissimo, you should go to and enter your order reference number (Colis No.) to view the current status of your order.

In the case of Chrono Express, go to and enter your order reference number (Order No.) to view the current status of your order..

If you want to send a gift:

You can also add a message for the recipient, indicating in the message section of the order form the world ‘gift’.

The recipient will receive your message in the form of a small card.
The invoice will not appear on the package.

You’ll save time in wrapping and sending a package and benefit from the care we put into our gift orders.


Payments can be made as follows:

  • By credit card.
    We guarantee total security for your online card transactions.

Euskal Linge ensures your details are sent securely by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, the recognized standard for commercial transactions on the Internet. This system encodes all your personal information, including the details of your credit card, name and address, so they are impossible to read while being transferred on the Web. An icon with a key or a closed padlock will appear at the bottom edge of most browsers to indicate that the SSL is working. If you click on the icon you can access the certificate associated with the secure connection. This certificate guarantees the identity of the computer to which the details are being sent. Likewise, when using a secure server the website address or URL begins with https: instead of the usual http:

We accept the following credit cards: Visa y MasterCard:

 Visa Master Card
  • Via Paypal.


If the contents of your package match your online order and are not faulty, but you wish to return them, you have the option of exchanging the goods.
If the contents of your package do not match your online order (e.g., different colour, size, model, etc.) or if they are faulty, you can exchange them or obtain a refund.

You have 7 days from receipt of your order to contact us by email at giving the reason for returning the goods along with the exact reference number of the article you wish to change.

We will study your request and get back to you by email.

You should only return the product after we have contacted you, attaching a printed copy of our email reply.

In order to exchange a product, your new order should be for an amount equal to or higher than the original one.


The article must be returned to us in its original state. We cannot accept used or worn articles.

The costs involved in any changes to articles which are not faulty and match your online order must be paid for by the customer.
You will also be invoiced for the cost of re-shipping the replacement article.
All transport costs are based on the rate contracted between Euskal Linge and the Postal Service.

In the case of an article that does not match your order or a faulty item, we will refund your postage costs and pay for re-shipping the new article.


You will be refunded for faulty articles or articles which do not match your online order.
If you would like a refund, please indicate this in your email request.
After examining your request, the refund will be made either by cheque or by crediting your credit card account as soon as the article in question has been received.


These general sales conditions are agreed between, on the one hand, Euskal Linge S.L., with main place of business in Pamplona (Navarre), Spain, tel: + 34 948 135 145; fax: +34 948 135 146
CIF: B31622228 
Registered in the Mercantile Register of Pamplona

Hereinafter, “Euskal Linge”

And on the other,

Internet browsers who wish to make a purchase from the website
Hereinafter, “the Client”


These general conditions regulate the sale of all products featured on the “” website by Euskal Linge, S.L.

They also regulate the different steps in the purchase process.

Any order made on this website implies the full and unreserved acceptance of these general sales conditions and, where applicable, the specific conditions relating to one or more products or orders.

Article 2 - PRODUCTS is a website for selling household textiles, clothing and accessories.

The product offers presented by Euskal Linge online are valid so long as there are available stocks.

Euskal Linge can never guarantee that products will be available for sale during a given time.

Any claims concerning non-available articles will be regarded as unfounded.

All the articles are featured as accurately as possible. However, Euskal Linge cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions concerning this presentation.

Article 3 - ORDERING

All online orders should be made in accordance with the following procedure: after having clicked on the “buy” icon and having checked the specific details of your order (colour, quantity, price, sizes, etc), the Client should validate the selection of products with a click.

All orders become final upon confirmed acceptance of the order by Euskal Linge S.L.

Acceptance of the order will be confirmed by sending a confirmation of receipt to the Client’s email address.

If a product is not in stock, in spite of the order confirmation or before the confirmation, Euskal Linge undertakes to notify the Client by all possible means at its disposal.

The Client may change his/her order with regard to the non-available product, or cancel the order for this product reference.

In this case, Euskal Linge will refund the Client if payment has already been made.

Products ordered will only be shipped to the Client whose name and address are indicated on the order form and for the personal use of that Client.

The Client accepts that orders placed after 12 noon on Fridays or the afternoon before a public holiday will not be dealt with until the following Monday or the business day following the public holiday.

Article 4 - DELIVERY

The products will be delivered to the Client at the place indicated on the order form and confirmed in the order receipt confirmation. Deadlines

Delivery time depends upon the country to which the goods are being sent.

Any delay in shipment will not entitle the client to cancel the order or claim any compensation.

The products are shipped at the consignee’s risk. Any problems that occur such as damaged packaging or missing goods should be notified to the transport company in writing with acknowledged receipt within 3 days of delivery, with a copy to Euskal Linge S.L.

Article 5 - PRICE

The prices shown on the website are all in euros, including taxes, and do not include processing and shipment costs.

Euskal Linge S.L. reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, but the products will be invoiced based on the rates in force at the time the order is delivered provided there is availability on that date.

All orders, wherever their origin, will be payable in euros.

The product will remain the property of Euskal Linge S.L. until the full price has been received.

Article 6 - PAYMENT

All customers should pay by either credit card or Paypal.

The maximum amount of payments by bank card is €600 including taxes. For transactions above this amount, you can contact the Customer Service department to arrange another method of payment.

The Client definitively and irrevocably confirms his/her order in the following way:

Check the address, the product ordered and the total price. Enter your credit card number and expiry date.

Confirm your order by clicking on the “Confirm” icon.

This confirmation represents a sale and irrevocably commits the Client.

In order to guarantee the security of your payments, uses the Paybox secure payment system. This service incorporates the SSL security standard. Any confidential data (the 16-figure card number, expiry date and visual cryptogram) are transmitted directly in encoded form to the Paybox server without crossing the physical supports of the server.

Once the order has been validated, the payment request is instantly routed via the Paybox secure mobile payment manager. This submits a request for authorization to the bank card network.

The mobile payment manager then issues an electronic certificate.

Article 7 - INVOICING

If requested to do so, Euskal Linge SL will send the Client an invoice for their order by email.


In accordance with Data Privacy Laws, the Client has the right to access and rectify their details at all times.

Article 9 - LIABILITY

Euskal Linge offers Clients a guarantee against any apparent product defects or packing errors if these defects or errors are notified by certified letter with acknowledgement of receipt (or in the case of sales outside France, by fax or telex), within seven days of delivery.

The product may be exchanged or refunded.

If there is a defect, the Client should return the product/s to be examined to the address given earlier, after having obtained authorisation from the Customer Service department signed by Euskal Linge. If the Client is returning products for whatever reason without the signed authorisation of Euskal Linge, the company is entitled to refuse acceptance of these products.

The receipt of these products by Euskal Linge does not imply its acknowledgement of liability.

If the defect is acknowledged by Euskal Linge, the Client may either exchange the product for another one or obtain a refund.

If exchanging a product due to a defect or faulty packaging, the costs will be payable by Euskal Linge SL except where agreed otherwise.

In the case of a product refund, this will be done by crediting the Client’s credit card account.

Euskal Linge SL cannot be held responsible for the condition of connections with, problems in the power supply, intrusions or the presence of computer viruses.

Consequently, Euskal Linge SL cannot be held liable for any problems associated with use of the Internet which are completely alien to the procedures and precautions taken by the company.

Euskal Linge SL cannot take any responsibility for any indirect damages, operating losses, loss of profits, loss of business opportunity, damages or expenses which may occur as a result of purchasing its products.

Notwithstanding the foregoing or future regulations, Euskal Linge SL cannot be held liable in the event of low stock levels or non-availability of products, force majeure, labour unrest or total or partial strike, especially relating to postal, transport and/or communications services, floods, fire, or any other event beyond its control.

In any event, the Euskal Linge SL guarantee cannot be higher than the sum of the value of the products at the outset of the execution of its liability.

Article 10 - RETRACTION

Within seven days of the delivery of the ordered goods, the Client may ask for an exchange or refund of a still-unused product. Except in the case of faulty goods or a defect affecting the product, the costs of returning the product will be borne by the Client.

The product should be returned in its original packaging to the following address: 
Euskal Linge SL
Pol. Industrial Comarca 2/A-51
31191 Esquiroz (Navarre)

If the Client wishes to exchange the product and the replacement article is available, Euskal Linge will send it to the Client by post as soon as it has received the returned article.

The delivery costs of the replacement article will also be charged to the Client. 
Refunds are made by crediting the credit card account.

Article 11 - OTHER

With the exception of regulations upholding public order, legal competence is assigned to the jurisdictional bodies of Pamplona in Spain.