General recommendations

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Cotton is a natural cellulose fibre and, as such, is highly absorbent, making for long-lasting, comfortable fabrics. Certain guidelines, however, do have to be observed in order to wash and look after it.
-Always read the labels on articles and follow the instructions given.
-Washing with a lot of water makes the finish on the fabric smoother.
-Sunlight makes colours fade. Hang articles out to dry in the shade or inside out.
-Most new articles contain size and the remains of dyes between the fibres, meaning that it is normal that they colour the water slightly on the first wash.
-Iron dark colours when still slightly damp or inside out.

Tablecloths Linge Basque
Before using your table cloth, always prewash it in water without soap or leave it to soak overnight in cold water. This helps get rid of the size in the fabric and prevents stains from becoming permanent.
-Remember that it is normal for your table cloth to shrink after the first wash (around 4% to 8%).
-Continuous washing harms fabric and causes colours to fade. It is, therefore, a good idea to wash all the napkins at the same time to keep them all the same colour.
-Always try to get rid of stains as soon as they happen or at least lessen their effect by moistening them so that they partially vanish prior to washing.

Towels Linge Basque
-Before use, it is a good idea to wash the article first.
-The towels will not reach their maximum absorption capacity and softness until they have been washed several times.
-Do not use bleach; it could affect the colours.
-The softener is not recommended for these articles as it decreases the absorption capacity of cotton.
-Tumble driers should be used at moderate temperatures.

How to remove a stain:
Red wine: absorb the wine spilled immediately with a paper towel or cloth. Moisten with white wine or 60º alcohol. Avoid using salt; it damages the fabric. Wash the table cloth as soon as possible after eating.
Coloured stains (fruit, lipstick, crayons, pollen): first rinse in cold water. Press a cloth impregnated with methylated spirit against the stain to get rid of as much colour as possible. Then scrub the stain with washing-up liquid, rinse in cold water and machine wash.
Grease: scrub the stain with soap or liquid stain remover before washing the table cloth.
Wax: scrape off as much of the wax as possible. Roll the fabric between your fingers and squeeze out any wax that has penetrated it. Spread the fabric out and pour very hot water onto the stain. Then wash the table cloth.
Tea: moisten the stain quickly with sparkling water and wash the table cloth as quickly as possible before it dries. Tea produces stubborn stains that are hard to get rid of once they have taken hold.